Myth#4 : Birth of three noble children

Misogi Pond

Izanagi managed to came back from Yomi No Kuni(the land of the dead) and said “What a unclean world I went. I have to purify and clean up myself.” He went out to Awagihara in Himuka No Kuni (present Miyazaki Pref.) and took Misogi Harae (ablution and purification rites).

During this rites, new 19 deities were born after another from things he held, wore and his body. In the end,  three deities were born from three parts of his face when he washed his face.

When he washed his left eye, Amaterasu (solar deity, often considered to be a female deity) was born. When he washed his right eye, Tsukuyomi (deity of moon) was born. When he washed his nose, Susanoo (male deity) was born in the end.

He was pleased very much so he put the necklace of beads he was wearing to Amaterasu and said to her “I will entrust the governance of Takamanohara to you.”
To Tsukiyomi, he entrusted the governance of “Yoru No Osukuni (world of night)”. To Susanoo, he entrusted the governance of the sea.

Izanagi called them “three noble children”.

According to the local tradition, it is said Misogi Pond in Eda Jinja is where Izanagi conducted Misogi Harae (ablution and purification rites) and gave birth to his “three noble children”.