Myth#1 : Creation of heaven and earth and the birth of the deities

It was a long long time ago when heaven and earth were first separated. There was a place called Takamanohara(heaven).

3 deities appeared in Takamanohara in the first place. But they hid themselves before other deities appeared.

In the second place, when the earth was still young and not solidified, 2 deities made their appearance. But they also hid themselves.
These 5 deities are called Amatsu Kami and the special deities in Takamanohara.

In the 3rd place, Kuni No Tokotachi and Toyokumono appeared, but they also hid themselves.

Later, 5 pairs of male and female deities are appeared one after another and the 5th pair was Izanagi  (male deities) and Izanami  (female deities). The 7 deities above are called “Kamiyo Nanayo”