Myth#20 : The Discovery of Toyotama Hime

Totoya Hokkei, De juwelen fontein (Tama-no-i), c. 1826. From Wikimedia Commons

Toyotama Hime came alone to Hoori’s place and said, “I am pregnant with your child. I thought I should not bear Amaterasu’s descendants in the sea. So I came out from the palace in the sea.”

So soon at the seaside, her labor started before delivery room was built. So Toyotama Hime entered in the uncompleted room and said “ It’s natural that women turn into real their selves while they giving birth to a child in abroad. So please do not peep or look in the room, no matter what.”

However, Hoori thought it is strange and peeped in the room. What he saw was a big shark thrashed about. Toyotama Hime noticed that he was peeping and felt embarrassed. She left for her country (the palace of the sea deity) leaving her child she just had. On her way back, she also blocked the way to the palace of sea deity.

Later, she however worried about her child so sent her sister, Tamayori Bime, to look after.

The child name is Ugayafukuaezu who will be the father of the first emperor. Ugayafukiaezu later married to Tamayori Bime and Tamayori Bime gave birth to the first emperor, Kamuyamato Iwarebiko