Myth#24 : Enthronement of the first Japanese Emperor, Emperor Jinmu

Iwarebiko and his men moved forward and reached a cave in Osaka (present Sakurai city in Nara Pref.), the local clan called Tsuchigumo was waiting for them in the cave.
He ordered his men to treat them with foods, but also told them, “As soon as you hear my song, slash them all.”
Then, he started singing. His men killed them all quickly.

Later, they again had battle with Nagasunehiko. When they defeated them, Iwareiko also sang a song.
He also song to encourage his men when he saw his men were terribly tired after they wiped out Eshiki and Otoshiki.

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, Emperor Jimmu from series: Mirror of Famous Generals of Japan, c. 1876-1882. From Wikimedia Commons

Now, Nigihayahi showed up.
He said. “I heard that the descendants of Amaterasu were descended from Takamanohara, so I chased after you and came down from Takamanohara. “
He offered the treasure that proves he is a child of the deity to Iwarebiko and became part of Iwarebiko ‘s men .

In this way, Iwarebiko made the rough deities obedient or drove disobedience away.
After the successful suppression, He built his palace of Kashihara on the foot of Mt. Unebi (present Kashihara city in Nara Pref. ), and ruled Japan. Iwarebiko enthroned as the first Emperor of Japan and became Emperor Jinmu.

The palace site remains as Kashihara Jingu in Kashihara city, Nara Prefecture today.