Myth#7 : Exile of Susanoo

Utagawa Kuniyoshi, From Wikimedia Commons

After the brightness came back, all the deities discussed and decided to expel Susanoo from Takamanohara.

Susanoo left Takamanohara. On his way, he asked Ogetsuhime Exile of Susanoo for food. Ogetsuhime cooked many kinds of yummy food that was pulled out from her nose, mouth and bottom. Susanoo was watching the cooking process and misunderstood that she would serve him a dirty meal and killed her. However, from her body, many kinds of thing such as the seed of the rice plant, soybeans and millet were born.

Susanoo descended to an area called Torikami (Mt. Torikami or the alternative name is Mt. Sentsu between present Tottori Pref. and Shimane Pref.) in the upriver of Hinokawa River (present Hii river in Shimane Pref.).