Myth#9 : Inaba No Shirousagi (a white rabbit of Inaba)

inaba no shirousagi

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Okuninushi who is the 7th generation of Susanoo had 8 million brother deities (means many brother deities like millions of).

They went out to Inaba No Kuni (present Tottori Pref.) ask Yagami Hime to marry one of them. But they used Okuninushi to carry all their baggage alone.

When his brother deities reached the Keta Cape earlier without Okuninushi, there was one rabbit fell down with all its hair plucked off. When they found the rabbit, they taught how to cure but the cure they taught made the rabbit’s injury much worse.


rabbit and okuninushi

From Wikimedia Commons

Okuninushi arrived later with a lot of baggage on his back. He asked the rabbit what happened. The rabbit explained, “ I am from Okinoshima Island and wished to come over to this country for a long time. So I lied to crocodile sharks that I would count the number of their family and lined them up to this shore from my island so that I could cross over the sea. But when I nearly arrived to this shore, I told them I lied. Angry crocodile sharks bit me and plucked off all my hair.”

Once Okuninushi heard the story, he gently taught the rabbit how to heal and regrow the hair. “First, you need to wash your body in water and then roll on the cattail”, he told the rabbit. The rabbit did as what he said. That cure healed the rabbit and grown up all its hair again.

The rabbit said with gratitude, “Yagami Hime will choose to marry you.”

Later people called this rabbit “Inaba No Shirousagi ( a white rabbit of Inaba )”.

It is said that the water the rabbit washed its body is the pond situated in Hakuto Jinja.