Myth#13 : Kuni Yuzuri (transfer of the country) – First part

Amaterasu said, “Toyoashihara No Mizuhonokuni(Japan) is the country that my child, Amenooshihomimi , should govern.” and tried to send her down to Japan from Takamanohara. But when she saw Japan from the sky, it seemed so terribly noisy that she asked Amaterasu for direction.

Maruyama Okyo, Hanging Scroll (pair of pheasants), c. 1750 – 1795. From Wikimedia Commons

So Takagi and Amaterasu gathered 8 million deities (Yaoyorozu . 8 million means ‘millions of’) in Amanoyasu river and asked, “There seems to be many rough deities in Japan. What deity should we send?” Omoikane and 8 million deities talked over and recommended Amenohohiand sent him down to Japan. However, even three years passed, Amenohohi did not send any report to Takamanohara and only fawned over Okuninushi.

The second deity they sent was Amenowakahiko, a son of Amatsukunitama. They gave a sacred bow and arrow that are to shoot deers and then sent him down. However, Amenowakahiko married Okuninushi’s daughter, Shitateru Hime, and did not report anything for eight years in an attempt to take Japan.

Now, deities in Takamanohara sent a pheasant named Nakime, to ask him why he had not reported. However, Amenowakahiko ignored Nakime and shot it with a sacred bow and arrow. The arrow was shot it through its breast and reached to Takamanohara.

Takamusuhi picked the arrow up and saw the blood on the arrow feathers. Takamusuhi showed the arrow to 8 million deities and said, “This is the arrow we gifted to Amenowakahiko. I will try to return this arrow to Amenowakahiko.” He continued, ” if Amenowakahiko had a wicked heart, this allow will shoot him.” And then he threw it back. In the morning, the arrow stuck in Amenowakahiko’s chest while he was asleep and he died.