Myth#14 : Kuni Yuzuri (transfer of the country)−Last part

Amaterasu asked, “Who should we send this time?”

Omoikane and 8 million deities recommended Amenoohabari this time. Amenokaku was sent to Amenoohabari as a messenger and asked whether he would accept the offer or not. Amenoohabari replied, “I see. I would love to. But this time, I think my child Takemikazuchi is the right candidate.” So Amaterasu sent Takemikazuchi and Amenotorifune (ship).

Takemikazuchi & Okuninushi Kuni YuzuriTakemikazuchi stubbed a sword upside down on the Inasa beach in Izumo No Kuni (present Shimane Prefecture) and sat cross-legged on the point of it. He said to Okuninushi “I was sent by Amaterasu. Amaterasu said your country (Japan) should be governed by a son of Amaterasu. What do you think?”

Okuninushi replied, ” I cannot answer that. My child Kotoshironushi will answer, but my child is fishing in Miho Cape.” Takemikazuchi sent Amenotorifune to Miho Cape and brought Kotoshironushi back.  Kotoshironushi said, ” I agree to offer Japan to the child of Amaterasu” and hid himself.

Okuninushi had another son named Takeminakata who just walked in with a huge rock on his hand.

He tried his strength against Takemikazuchi and Takemikazuchi accepted his challenge. when At first, Takeminakata grabbed Takemikazuchi’s hand but suddenly his hand turned into an icicle and soon transformed into a sword tip. Sooner he saw what happened, he let go of his hand in fear.

Now, Takemikazuchi grabbed Takeminakata’s hand and crushed his hand then threw it away. Takeminakata ran away by fear. Takemikazuchi chased after him to Lake Suwa of Shinano and tried to kill him. However he begged for his life and said, “Please do not kill me! I will stay here forever. I will follow will of my father and my brother. I will offer Japan to you.”

Suwa Taisha situated around Lake Suwa enshrines Takeminakata.

Takemikazuchi went back and told Okuninushi that Kotoshironushi and Takeminaka obeyed. Then Okuninushi requested, “I will offer Japan, but I request to build a palace like the deities in Takamanohara live so that I can live hidden quietly.”
As per his request, Takemikazuchi arranged to build the palace and it became Okuninushi’s residence for the rest of his life.

Izumo Taisha sits on site of the Okuninushi’s palace

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