Myth#12 : Kuni Zukuri (creation of a country)

After Okuninushi got rid of his brothers, he immediately started creating a country.

When Okuninushi went to Miho Cape (present Miho No Seki in Shimane Pref.), a little deity in silk clothes was arriving on a ship made of a plant’s fruit.

Okuninushi asked the name, but the deity did not answer. At that time, toads (in ancient times, toads was believed to know everything about the land as they live everywhere) came out and said, “Scarecrow (in ancient times, scarecrows were considered as a wise person from protecting crops) should know who this deity is.” Okuninushi get the scarecrow and asked. The scarecrow replied, “He is a child of Takagi named Sukunahikona.

Okuninushi went to confirm with Takagi and Takagi said, “Sukunahikona is surely my son. You and he become brothers, and cooperate to create a country together.”

As they were told, they cooperated and devoted themselves to the country creation.

But after a while, when Sukunahikona went to Awa Island, he climbed up to a stem of millet but he was flicked off by the stem and disappeared to Tokoyo No Kuni (the other world) located far beyond the sea.

This was just before they complete the country creation.

Awa Island Sukunahikona went and flicked off is located in present Yonago city in Tottori Pref. and situate a shrine enshrines Sukunahikona called Awashima(awa island) Jinja.

Okuninushi lamented for Sukunahikona’s disappearance and said, “How can I create a country alone. Who will cooperate with me?”

When he said that, there was a deity was coming close to him shining the surface of the sea. The deity said, “If you enshrine me carefully on the summit of the eastern mountain surrounding Yamato (present Nara Pref.), I will cooperate. If you don’t, you will not be able to complete the creation of the country.”

This deity’s neme is Omononushi and the deity is enshrined in Mt. Miwa in Nara Pref , which is now called Omiwa Jinja.