Myth#16 : Marriage of Ninigi

One day, Ninigi met a beautiful woman named Konohanasakusaya Hime at Kasasa cape. He liked her at first glance so sent a messenger to ask her to marry him .

However, she replied, “My father, Oyamatsumi will answer that.”

Oyamatsumi was very pleased with Ninigi’s offer of marriage but also offered Konohanakusaya’s older sister Iwanaga Hime together.

Even though Oyamatsumi offered his two daughters, Ninigi only married Konohanasakusaya Hime. Iwanaga Hime was was too ugly, so he sent her back.

Oyamatsumi got angry and embarrassed at his attitude and told him, “If you married Iwanaga Hime, your life would have been immortal like a rock. Now, you chose to marry Konohanasakuya Hime only. Your life will be short-spanned like the flowers blooms only for a short period.”

For this reason the Emperor lost the immortal life and their life gradually become not longer.

Surprisingly, Konohanasakuya Hime got pregnant overnight so Ninigi suspected and said, “The child must belong to someone else.”

Tsuma Jinja – Ninigi and Konohanasakuya Hime lived together around here

She needed to prove the child was his and told him “I will give birth in a delivery room on fire without a door. If the child were not yours, I would be burnt to death with the child. If I am carrying a child of the deity, the child will be born safely. ”

and set fire. The delivery room was quickly covered in flames, but surprisingly she gave birth to three children in the flaming delivery room. The three children she gave a birth to are Hderi(later called Umisachi Hiko), Hosuseri and Hoori (later called Yamasachi Hiko).

As she gave a birth to the children safely, his doubts were cleared and they lived in the palace of Takachiho happily ever after.