Myth#11 : Okuninushi’s advnture in Ne No Kuni

When he arrived at the palace of Susanoo , Susanoo ’s daughter, Suseri Bime came out and as soon as they saw each other, they fell in love.

Yomotsu Hirasaka

She introduced him to Susanoo , but Susanoo did not liked him at all in the first sight so gave him trials.

On the first day, Okuninushi was put in a room with a numerous snakes. On the following day, he was put in the room with bees.Okuninushi barely got rid of snakes and bees with the magical scarf called Hire that was provided from Suseri Bime. In the next trial, Susanoo ordered Okuninushi to find the allow he shot to a field. When he went to find, Susanoo set fire to the field. He had nowhere to escape from the fire but a suddenly a mouse turned out with the allow he was looking for and guided him to escape.

Further, Susanoo orderd to him to get rid of centipedes in Susanoo ’s hair. During this trial, Okuninushi took out a sword and an allow and run away with Suseri Bime from Susanoo ’s palace. When Susanoo reached around Yomotsu Hirasaka, he shouted at them from afar, “ Use the sword and allow to kill your brothers and marry Suseri Bime.”