Myth#18 : Palace of the sea deity

When Hoori was crying at the beach for what to do, Shiotsuchi turned up and asked, “Why are you crying?” Hoori told the situation. Then Shiotsuchi said, “I will teach you a good plot.”

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Shiotsuchi made a boat like bambooed baskets and took Hoori on board. He said, “I will push the boat to drift. After a while, the boat will be on the good current and you will find a beautiful palace. That is the palace of Owatatsumi(sea deity). You have to wait for his daughter to come out on a sacred tree beside a spring.” He continued, “His daughter named Toyotama Hime will seek a good solution with you.”

Hoori sailed as Shiotsuchi said. Then he really arrived the palace of Owatatsumi. And he climbed the tree beside the spring. After a while the maid of Toyotama Hime came to draw water from the spring.

Hoori said to the maid from the tree, “ Hey, I want some water”. The maid quickly gave a bowl of water she just scooped up to Hoori on the tree. However Hoori only spited a bead taken out from his necklace into water. The bead was stuck in the bowl and the maid could not take out the bead. So she had no choice but delivered the bowl of water to Toyotama Hime as it was.

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As soon as Toyotama Hime saw the bowl of water, she said, “Is someone outside the gate?”

The maid told about what happened and the mysterious man on the tree. Toyotama hime went outside to confirm with her own eyes. But when she saw Hoori at first sight, she fell in love with him. She immediately told her father “there is a beautiful man outside the gate,”

Once her father saw Hoori, he realized that Hoori was a son of Ninigi so invited him inside the palace. Owatatsumi prepared a seat that was covered with 8 rugs made of sea lion’s skin and 8 rugs of silk, for Hoori. Sooner He had Hoori to married Toyotama Hime.

Hoori and Toyotama Hime lived in the palace of the sea deity for three years from then.