Myth#19 : Surrender of Hoderi

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After three years passed, Hoori recalled why he came to the palace of sea deity and let out a big heavy sigh.

When Toyotama Hime saw her husband sighed, she said to her father, “My husband has never sighed for the last three years, but he did it for the first time. There should be some reasons for that.”

Her father asked Hoori why he sighed, and Hoori told everything about why he came here.

Once her father heard his story, he gathered all the fishes in the sea and asked them,

“Has anyone taken a fishing hook?”

Many fish replied, “Recently, the sea bream says he cannot eat anything as something stuffed in his throat. Probably he is the one.”

Then her father checked up the sea bream’s throat, he found a hook!! He took it out immediately, purified it and returned it to Hoori.

From Internet Archive

When he returned the hook to Hoori, he taught Hoori the following.

“When you return this fishing hook to your brother, put your hands behind your back as you say, ‘This hook is a gloomy, degenerate, poor and stupid’.”

He continued, “If your brother makes rice fields on a higher land you should make your rice fields on a lower land. Also, if he makes them on a lower land you should make them on a higher land. I am the deity who controls water so your brother will suffer from poverty for three years.”

Hoori rode on a shark and returned to his home and returned the fishing hook to Hoderi and did as her father taught him.

Later on, Hoderi grew poorer day by day and finally, he surrendered and admitted to serve for Hoori.