Myth#15 : Tenson Korin (descent of the deities from Takamanohara to earth)

Takemikazuchi reported to the 8 million deities (Yaoyorozu No Kami) in Takahara that Japan was suppressed.

From Wikimedia Commons

Amaterasu and Tkagi first chose Amenooshihonomimi (Amaterasu’s child) to govern Japan. However, when Amenooshihonomimi was preparing to descend, he made a child named Ninigi.
Amenooshihonomimi suggested to Amaterasu “Why don’t we send Ninig instead?”
Amaterasu accepted his suggestion and dicided to send Ninigi to govern Japan.

When he was about to descend, a deity was standing at the branch point of the road, and lighting up the road. Amaterasu ordered Amenouzume to go down and ask why the deity turned up. The deity replied, “My name is Sarutahiko. I am here to guide your way to Japan.”

Finally, Ninigi was going to descended accompaning with Amenokoyane, Futodama, Amenouzume, Ishikoridome and Tamanooya.

Before Ninigi’s departure, Amaterasu made a granted of Yatano Kagami (Mirror) Yasakani no Magatama (Jewels of beads) that was created in the occasion Amano Iwato and in addition to these, Kusanagi no Tsurugi (Sword) that Susanoo offered to Amaterasu was also granted to Ninigi. These three things are collectively called Sanshu No Jingi (the three sacred treasures of Japanese Imperial family).

While Amaterasu granting these treasures to Ninigi, Amaterasu said “ Deify this mirror earnestly as my spirit like you worship it in front of me.”


Ninigi finally departed from Takamanohara. He pushed away the layered clouds to find the way and arrived at Ameno Ukihashi(bridge). From there, he landed on Mt. Kushifuru in Takachiho of Hyuga no Kuni (present Miyazaki Pref.) When He and the other deities arrived, Amenooshihi and Amatsukume came out to greet and decided to serve Ninigi from this point.

When he descended, he said, “This is a splendid place.”
Ninigi liked the place and built a gorgeous palace there.