Myth#5 : Ukei (Divination)

Susanoo did not go to the sea to govern and kept wailing for a long time.
Izanagi asked him : “Why are you keeping wailing and not go to govern the sea?”
He said: “ I miss my mother (Izanami) in Nenokatau Kuni (the other name for Yomi no Kuni (the land of dead)and want to go to meet her!! ”
Izanagi got really angry and expelled him from Ashiharano Nakatsukuni (the land of Japan). “You must not live in this land”, said Izanagi.

Susanoo decided to go to see his mother after he explained his situation to Amaterasu who governs Takamanohara. As he went up, mountains and rivers were start rumbling and the land was quivering everywhere.
Amaterasu was surprised at that rumbling and quivering noise and said, “My dear younger brother must be coming up to rob me of my country. He must have a bad conscience. I have to arm myself and prepare for him!!”

When Susanoo showed up in front of Amaterasu , Amaterasu asked him, “Why did you come up here?”
Susanoo explained the bac

kground and said, “I have no bad conscience.”
Amaterasu asked, “How can you prove you have the conscience?”
He answered, “Let’s take Ukei (divination) and bear the children.”

They conducted Ukei with Amenoyasu River between them.

Munakata Taisha where Michinushi No Muchi is enshrined.

First, Amaterasu broke Susanoo ’s sword called “Tostuka Tsurugi” in three, rinsed them under water of Ame No Manai (sacred spring in Takamanohara) and she crunched them in her mouth. From the fog she breathed out, three female deities (collectively called Michinushi No Muchi enshrined in Munakata Taisha) were born.
Second, Susanoo washed also Amaterasu ’s magatama (comma-shaped bead) she was wearing in her left bun under water of Ame No Manai and crunched in his mouth. He breathed them out, and then one male deity was born. He did the same to another magatama she was wearing in her right bun. This time, another male deity was born. He again did the same to a magatama of her hair ornament and a bead of her bracelets she was wearing and the other three male deities were born.
Since the female deities were born from his sword, his innocence was proved. He rushed about widely for the result, and threw a horse in a waving room. This eventually killed Hataorihime(weaver princess).
Susanoo did the same process as Amaterasu did to two magatama (comma-shaped bead), a wig and beads Amaterasu was wearing. As he breathe them out, five female deities were born.

Based on these results, Susanoo said, “ I have proved my pure mind because three female deities were born from my sword. I won this Ukei.”