Myth#17 : Umisachi Hiko and Yamasachi Hiko

Hoderi was called Umisachi Hiko as he made a living by fishing and Hoori was called Yamasachi Hiko as he made a living by hunting in mountains.

From Internet Internet Archive

One day, Hoori suggested to Hoderi, “Why don’t we exchange our tools and use them?”
Hoderi did not accepted his suggestion even he asked for three times. Still, he asked Hoderi with insistence and Hoderi finally accepted it under condition of a short while.

Hoori went out fishing with fishing gears, but he could not fish even a single fish and the worse thing was that he lost Hoderi’s fishing hook in the water. When Hoori went back, Hoderi said, “These tools are only useful when the original owners use them. So I will return your tools.”
Hoori honestly told him that he lost his fishing hook in the water. However, Hoderi only asked to return it.

Hoori melted down Totsuka sword and made 500 fishing hooks. But Hoderi did not accept them. Hoori again made 1,000 fishing hooks in compensation, but Hoderi did not accept them again and only said “Return my hook no matter what!”