Myth#3 : Yomi No Kuni (the land of the dead)

After they finished creating islands, Izanagi and Izanami  gave birth to many more deities. However, Izanami died for a large burn when she gave birth to Kagutsuchi No Kami (the deity of fire). She was buried in Mt. Hiba located between Izumo No Kuni (present Shimane Pref.) and Hahaki No Kuni (present Shimane Pref.).

After Izanami died, Izanagi missed her so he went to Yomi No Kuni (the land of the dead) to get her back.
He asked her to come back but it was too late. She already became unclean by the foods of Yomi no Kuni she ate so she could not go back.

She wanted to go back with him so she told him not to look into her palace and went to negotiate her return home with the deities of Yomi no Kuni. However, while she was in the negotiation, he could not wait until she came back. He lighted up a comb he was wearing in his hair and looked in her palace.

What he saw there was a really horrible condition of Izanami ’s dead body. He became frightened and scared so he run to escape. Izanami felt humiliated that he looked in her palace so she had Yomotsu Shikome (the personification of uncleanness of death) and the army of Yomi No Kuni chased after him.

When he was barely able to reach Yomotsu Hirasaka, the border of the land of the dead and the living, he saw the army was still coming. So he picked three peaches that were grown at the border area and throw them at the army. They entirely withdrew immediately after the peaches hit them.

In the very last, Izanami came to chase so he blocked the border with a huge rock called “Chibiki No Iwa” and informed her of divorce. She said to him, ”I will kill 1000 people in your land every day ”. He responded, “If so, I will make 1,500 people every day”. Since then, many people died, more people are born every day.

The border of these two worlds, Yomotsu Hirasaka, is said to be Ifuyasaka located in present Shimane Pref.